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Superannuation Vs Property
Why Property is a Safer Investment Plan

  • This e-book will show you WHY having just Superannuation as your only form of investment can be a very risky strategy (Sadly, Coronavirus 2020 is a great example of what happens to people who only have superannuation).
  • Safely add just ONE investment property to your plans to give you more security and more control over your financial future.
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About Tony Harrington

Australia's Leading PIAA Accredited Property Coach and Income Acceleration Expert. Melbourne, Australia

Tony’s Experience…

  • 39 Years experience in the building and property industries
  • Strategised in over $35M in property transactions
  • Been a professional property investor for over 19 years
  • Is the published author of two books called “You Can Do Anything” & “Don’t Blow Your Dough”


Peter & Kelly

Peter & Kelly had a $77k Uplift when they signed investment property contracts.


Find out how Jock got an extra $15k back on his tax return.


Find out how Matt’s townhouse increased in value by $80K before settlement.


After just one meeting with Tony & our Fast Property Formula Finance Broker we completely restructured their previous home loan’s set up by a bank manager.
The End Result: $16,000 Extra cashflow after just One Meeting…
The wealth creation service we received from Tony & his TEAM was outstanding. Tony and his dedicated team at Fast Property Formula unquestionably established a personal interest in us and valued our personal investment property prerequisites.
We truly believe Tony has the customer’s best interest at heart and saved us over $23,000 in the process.
Phil was a 28YO single working man earning $1,500 to $2K per week & was $8K in debt with no assets. In just 6 months using our system he paid off his debts and saved up $38K into his bank account.
He is now on the way to buying his first home.

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Don't leave your financial future to chance, download the E-Book today!

  • Gain more specialised knowledge around Superannuation & Property!
  • Set clear goals and targets with an Accredited Property Team!
  • Discover WHY having just Superannuation as your only form of investment can be a very risky strategy!
  • Reduce Bad Debt and slash 10-15 years off your home loan!
3D Super Vs Property EB


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In this Special BONUS training you will learn WHY Superannuation won’t be enough and what you need to do to safeguard your financial future and build a Profitable Property Portfolio.

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