What Stops You From Property Investing


What stops you from property investing?

I don’t know what type of job that you’re in or what sort of career you’ve got, what sort of business that you’re in, but at one point in time before you started that job and before you started that career or started that business you didn’t know the things that you know today. 

So if you’ve been in it for say 5 years or 10 years or 20 years think back to when you started as to what you knew back then as compared to what you know now. 

Now, the point being here is that when I started property investing over 20 years ago I didn’t know the first thing about property or investing. I’d learned a little bit but not a lot. But 20 years later all the things that I know today with 20 years of experience has given me the knowledge to go, “You know what “I know the simple steps to property investing, I know how to invest in property.” 

It’s the same with you with your job and it’s the same with your career. So when it comes to property and property investing the thing that stops people, the thing that holds people back the most is: 

“I’m scared, I don’t know what to do.” And was I scared? Hell, yeah. Did I shit myself when I started out? You bet I did. Because when I did my first properties all those years ago I didn’t have anybody teaching me. I didn’t have anybody showing me what to do. I didn’t have anybody to guide me and teach me the safer steps. I took action and I just went out and got started.

If you are unsure and you want the fastest way to success then I suggest you find somebody to help you. Find somebody to take you down the path and teach you the steps as you go.

So the lesson here is really, really simple. Take one little step. It might be just to pick up the phone and call somebody. It might be to go and speak to someone who you know who’s good at property. It might be to speak to someone who can take your path in a new direction. Because, folks, there’s that much knowledge and technology out there on the Internet we get confused and don’t know where to go, who to talk to, who to trust. 

90% of my clients who have come and seen me were all first-time investors. And they’ve all told me the same thing. “Tony, I wish I had invested in property five years ago, 10 years ago. Folks, don’t let time hold you back? 

Take one little step, make one little phone call. If I could sit with you and in one hour give you 20 years of knowledge and experiences that helps you know how to build a plan, build a strategy, how to pay less tax, how to pay your house off faster, is it worth just taking that one little step? 

Well, if it is, book a strategy call with me now. We’ll get on the phone, we’ll hook up an appointment. Let’s just sit down and see what’s possible for you. No pressure, no stress. Let’s just sit down and see what’s right for you, okay? 

All right if you want to take a step and just move forward connect with me here. It’s the way to do it. It’s the fastest way to go. 

Book a strategy call today.

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