Property Price Rises Don’t Wait For You

Property Price Rises Don’t Wait For You

Let’s talk about property investing price rises. I’m just down on the waterfront in one of Melbourne’s best property suburbs. 

You’ve got plenty of waterfront properties over here and people quite often ask me, “You know Tony, What’s the best time to buy? “When should I step in to invest in property? “When should I buy an investment property?” 

And if you wait until the so-called the right time or now’s the best time or now’s the time to get in well, you’re probably going to miss the mark because if you look at any of this real estate here in a waterfront suburb and you go back and research it, have a look what it was price-wise 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago. 

You might be quite surprised that people back then said, “Hey, look, I think it’s a bit expensive, “but geez I’m getting in now before it goes up,” If you have a look at the Melbourne averages if you want to live somewhere nice like this where you’ve got these water views, you have bike paths, you have parks across the road in a good Melbourne property suburb, waiting could be the costliest thing you ever do. 

So, right now in 2020 with Corona, with people wondering, “Oh, Tony, what should we do? “Oh do I buy, what do I do? “My super’s been smashed, my super’s crashed.” 

Look, the sooner you get in the property investing game, the sooner you’re going to get a result, okay? The longer you sit on the sidelines the more you lose. When it comes to property investing if you’re just waiting for that little opportunity or if you’re just waiting for that little one thing or that one bargain or that one buy, odds are you’ve missed the boat because for every six months or every year or every two years that you sit out of the property investing market, you’re potentially missing 5% – 8% percent capital growth. 

So, if you’re talking about a $500,000 investment property, you’re talking between $25,000 to $50,000 per year that you could be adding to your net wealth okay? At the same time you’re paying down debt and you’re paying your own house off. So listen folks, if you’re sitting on the sidelines wanting to invest in property then don’t sit and wait, take a step in today. 

Melbourne property markets, in fact Australian property investors know that price growth will not wait for you so all you have to do is take one step and see what’s possible for you?

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