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Case Studies
Case Studies


We met Tony from "Your Property Investing" through a building site and he helped us buy our first investment property. We couldn’t rate him more positively. It’s been great doing business with someone we can trust.
Craig Haward
Foreman Ringwood Vic
Tony from "Your Property Investing" has been very informative and helpful to workers on my site so they live a better life. He has personally helped me plan ahead and really improve my own financial position.
Lee Bozic
OH&S Rep Caroline Springs
Tony from "Your Property Investing" has been a great help setting up my investment property portfolio. I couldn’t do it without him and suggest you use him too.
Josh Dore Electrician
Waurn Ponds Vic
I have known Tony from "Your Property Investing" for a few years and he helped me to invest in property and pay less tax. I’m sure he can do the same for you.
Gavin Nikkoloff Plumber
Hallam Vic

After meeting with Tony and following his coaching videoswe have restructured our cash flow and have now decreased our spending by $15,000 a year and Tony also helped save us $50,000 on a re-negotiated property deal. That’s more money we can use to pay off our house faster.
Dave & Laura Melbourne

Greg was making big money on construction sites but not saving much just living week to week. He got motivated with Tony, bought his first investment property and has saved $35,000 in just 14 months. He is now looking for property number 2.

When Chris & Chaler met Tony their cash flow was all over the place. They were earning big dollars but blowing it just as fast. We got them onto a savings plan, tightened up their spending (Chaler also found $12,000 in Super that she forgot she had) and they now have saved over $22,000 in under 12 months & had a new baby as well.

We met Phil he was 28yo, single and earning $1,500 to $2K per week. Phil was $8K in debt with no assets. In just 6 months using our system he paid off his debts and he saved up $38K in the bank. He is now on the way to buying his first home.

When Trevor met Tony, I had a cash flow of minus $250 per week. After reassessing my spending and consolidating debts, I now have a cash surplus of $280 per week. That’s an extra $14,560 per year I can use to pay off debts and save for a deposit!

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Case Studies
Case Studies

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