super wont cut it
Property Investing

Why Your Super Won’t Cut It

Don’t fall for the superannuation trap! Why adding to your superannuation, working hard and paying your home off is a bad idea for 90% of

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cranbourne property investing
Property Investing

Cranbourne Townhouses

Best Property Investments In Melbourne Get into the Market or add to your Property Investing Portfolio – Cranbourne Townhouses.   Ready to take the next step?

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Property Investing
Property Investing

Property Investing Locations

Property Investing Is All About Location. Do you only buy in areas with a proven record of growth? Most novices and first-time property investors want

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3D Super Vs Property EB

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Client Testimonials

Peter & Kelly
Peter & Kelly had a $77k Uplift when they signed investment property contracts.
Find out how Jock got an extra $15k back
on his tax return.
Find out how Matt’s townhouse increased in value by $80K before settlement.

After just one meeting with Tony & our Fast Property Formula Finance Broker we completely restructured their previous home loan’s set up by a bank manager.

The End Result: $16,000 Extra cashflow after just One Meeting…

The wealth creation service we received from Tony & his TEAM was outstanding. Tony and his dedicated team at Fast Property Formula unquestionably established a personal interest in us and valued our personal investment property prerequisites.

We truly believe Tony has the customer’s best interest at heart and saved us over $23,000 in the process.

Phil was a 28YO single working man earning $1,500 to $2K per week & was $8K in debt with no assets.

In just 6 months using our system he paid off his debts and saved up $38K into his bank account.

He is now on the way to buying his first home.